Cancer In The Oral Cavity


It is definitely one of the most common cancers in the world population. Its presence in society has increased over the years, affecting both men and women, so it is a constant concern for health organizations as for those specialists who focus on the oral cavity.

Malignant tumors that give rise to the presence of cancer can be previously diagnosed before mitosis. But the lack of custom or education that exists in many parts of the world severely affects its prevention. Therefore, the combination of ignoring the presence of symptoms related to cancer and the lack of training of various dentists leads to more aggressive treatments for the patient.

In spite of the fact that the patient ignores this type of disease, the highest weight really falls on the dentist because if he doesn’t carry out a detailed examination of the oral cavity and doesn’t treat what could be cancer, he can delay the indicated treatment and, therefore, prolong the stay of the cancer cells. This means that the higher weight will fall on the specialist, as the presence of malignant cells will not be detected for a long time.

Unfortunately, in those places where technological advances have not been so present, mainly in poor or slow-growing countries, this type of pathology can only be diagnosed when it is very advanced because the lesion grows and becomes evident. This advance is usually related to the third stage of cancer, where the cure is less than 50%.

The presence of this cancer in a crucial area for the realization of diverse activities (feeding, communication, among others) can affect in a significant way these actions for what the treatments for this disease create a deficiency or deterioration in this type of actions. The fact that these activities are affected can have consequences in diverse social, physical, and mental processes. Of course, this deterioration depends very much on the phase in which the cancer cells are found and on the radicality of the treatment.

Like all tumors that originate in the mucous membranes, their appearance is associated with the lifestyle that the person leads since this factor has a relationship that represents 50% of the emergence of this pathology. Among the most massive activities are those that involve the consumption of a toxic substance, of which tobacco is the most important. Similarly, some sexual activities can cause the presence of cancer cells, especially if the other person has a sexually transmitted disease.

The lack of hygiene can be a trigger for the development of cancer because if the bacterial plaque is not eliminated correctly from the oral cavity, the production of microorganisms increases. Although genetics and issues related to external factors such as the environment can also cause cancer, its percentage is not high as mentioned above.

A bad aesthetic treatment, of caries or some implant, poorly placed, can be detonating of this disease reason why it is necessary always to make sure that the dentist who will carry out the procedure of dental implants Tijuana is a person prepared in the subject.

Constant visits to the doctor and the dentist can significantly serve to detect cancer cells before reaching a stage of the disease where treatment is more complicated and where it can affect not only the health of the person but also their way of relating.