Dental Tourism in Mexico


After Mexico opted for medical tourism, because treatments in countries such as the United States and Canada are quite expensive, the residents of those places began to look for options to obtain treatments at a lower cost without losing the quality of the procedures. This phenomenon, caused by globalization and the growing innovation of technology and communications, has generated a flow of capital, people and services that have been reflected in the economy of the countries that develop health tourism, such as Mexico, allowing capital growth and improvement in this area. The most performed and important treatments are cosmetic, orthopedic, cardiac and dental surgeries.

In 2011 it was exposed that Mexico is in fourth place in America with the highest entry of people in medical tourism. Currently in Mexico there are agreements with the United States and border states of the country (Monterrey, Tijuana and Chihuahua) to provide services such as hospitals, laboratories, pharmacies, among others. Allowing that American residents have greater accessibility, mainly, in transport and lodging. One of the sectors that has most increased its demand over the years is the dental area; offering quality in dental treatments. A large number of people who want these treatments, mainly from the United States, Canada and Europe, travel thousands of miles to settle in cities such as Tijuana and Monterrey to perform the procedure. It is estimated that the foreign patient can save more than 60% making use of medical services in Mexico, since the costs in their countries of origin are tripled.

Without a doubt, one of the places with the highest number of foreign visitors is the city of Tijuana, located just in the northwest of Mexico, a border city with the United States and one of the busiest in the world. The city offers quality medical procedures to foreigners as well as those coming from the country. Specializing in cosmetic and dental treatments. The dentists in Tijuana are professionals trained and specialized in different areas of dentistry, has innovative instruments and appliances to give the future patient the best of services. According to the Expansion website, Americans travel to Tijuana and other Mexican cities for this type of procedure because American insurance does not always cover dental services, just as they prefer the friendly treatment of Mexican doctors.

The evaluations carried out by the Americans, annually, can cost around 120 dollars while in Mexico they are approximately 20 dollars. Some examples of the high costs of dental treatments in the United States compared to Mexico are the following:

In Mexico, a resin treatment costs approximately 500 mexican pesos per tooth, while in the United States it can cost around 300 dollars.

Only in luxury hospitals dental crowns have a higher price but normally for two dental crowns are an approximate of 6,000 mexican pesos and in the United States can be up to triple the price.

Dental services are more expensive in the United States and other foreign countries because the costs of instruments and medications are more expensive. Another reason is that studying dentistry entails very impressive expenses so the person charges more to recover the investment. That’s why people take advantage of the low costs and the high quality offered by Mexican dental clinics to carry out their dental treatments.