Facial Injuries


A blow to the area of the face can cause a lot of damage to the functionality of this area, as well as fractures that will require a doctor to fix it as dental restorations in Tijuana. The facial lesions may be accompanied by several fractures and may correspond to the upper area of the maxilla, the area that covers the part of the cheek and that passes under the eye and in the bridge of the nose or through an injury crosses the bridge of the nose and go through the bones surrounding the eyes.

When the person suffers a fracture in the first part, that is, the one that corresponds to the jaw, it can cause inflammation and constant pain around this area, the shape of the mouth is modified and can cause the teeth to no longer fit and finally, the patient no longer has the ability to open his mouth fully. For the arrest of this trauma, it will be necessary to consult it with an x-ray, to verify that the problem is due to the fracture injury.

To determine if the problem presented by the person is due to a traumatism, the doctor or the dentist will perform radiographs and physical examinations to know the damage caused by the injury. Other medical tests may be done to rule out problems in the spine or brain because a blow to one of these areas can cause serious injuries that can impair the functioning of the body.

Some other symptoms that the person may have with a dislocated jaw is airway obstruction, bleeding in areas such as the mouth or nose, complications when talking or eating, numbness in parts of the face or some inflammation. These dislocations can be caused by various issues such as a blow to the face, car accidents, falls, or a poorly made dental process.

For treatment, rest is advised so that the damaged area has adequate time to recover so that a liquid-based diet will be recommended. Doctors can repair the area by screwing metal plates to the side of the lesion to help support the jaw. Due to the fracture, it will not be possible for the person to perform their dental cleaning so the specialist can choose to recommend the use of mouthwash. Although there are problems to carry out hygiene, it is vital that the mouthwash is done to avoid excess bacterial plaque that can cause tartar and tooth decay.

Since facial fractures can bring many complications in people, it is necessary that if the individual suffers a severe blow in this area, go immediately to the doctor to perform an observation and determine how affected the area is, in order to achieve a treatment that prevents the patient from having significant problems that could damage other body tissues. In order to prevent such accidents, it is essential that if the individual carries out any activity that involves having possible accidents, the person must have the necessary protection tools.