How to Secure the Best US Clinical Experience for IMGs


If you are an IMG seeking the best US clinical experience to empower your career, there are a number of things you should be aware of. But ultimately, students who contact companies that help IMGs have the best US clinical experience will begin their journey heads above the competition. But how can you tell if the IMG agency is a true, high-quality company that can get you the US clinical experience you desire? This article is intended to help IMGs determine this, and find the best IMG agency to get them top LORs and allow them to continue their career path while being in the best possible situation. 

Work with an IMG Agency Known for Giving Refunds with No Problems

If you are seeking the best US clinical experience, then you need a high-quality trusted agency. And one great way to tell how easy an IMG agency is to work with, and something that’s a testimony to their character, if their policy on refunds. Ask the IMG agency if they have any testimonials not just from the people who had the best US clinical experience thanks to the IMG agency, but also look for testimonials from people who asked for a refund, and got it back. Just because a client asks for a refund doesn’t mean the IMG agency has done anything wrong. Sometimes travel visas can make travel to the US more timely, and sometimes impossible. So naturally, a student would be refunded. Also, a student may have dreams of specializing in cardiac medicine, and he wants the US clinical experience at a top cardiac hospital, but his test scores prohibit him from this specialty and instead render him a fit for family medicine. In a case like this, if students wish to insist on cardiac medicine, they may withdraw their involvement with the IMG agency and ask for a refund. Also, family emergencies can get in the way and cause desired cancellations. Reputable IMG agencies will honor refunds and prove they have no urgency to take money from clients for work not performed. This alone shows they are reasonable, skilled, and respect the IMG.

The IMG Agency does the Work to Secure the Best US Clinical Experience

Can you do all of this work on your own? Sure? But do you know how, and do you have the time to learn how? More importantly, once you learn how, do you have the time to get the right papers lines up and to put in the research? Most IMGs are busy tying up loose ends at home before they leave for America: they must get family matters in order, meet with many people, help loved ones deal with problems, and ensure the family is being taken care of while they are away. Good IMG agencies understand this, and this is one reason why they do all the work to give you free time to do whatever needs to be done at home before you leave. In fact, this is why your family is investing in them: to give you the best chance at having an amazing US clinical experience, and to give you the much-needed time to spend with your family before you take your journey.

Getting LORs is the Goal with Your US Clinical Experience 

Finally, good IMG agencies know what it takes to get you the best LORs. Interview them, and ask how they will help you get hospital letterhead recommendations. Also ask to see their track record.