Keep your previous image after the birth of your baby


Mommy makeover Tijuana today can be one of the most modern ways to recover the figure you had before being pregnant.

Increasingly this term is being used, change of image, as a fashion mainly among artists who have recently become mothers and their intention, after the arrival of the baby, is to recover the image.

It is basically the realization of a series of plastic surgery interventions, the idea: to recover shapes in the silhouette, especially in the areas of the breasts, abdomen and the total elimination of fats in the abdomen and thighs completely and that presents a left over from the perfection of the body they had previously.

Pregnancy is an expected time but also verifiably conditions the body of women, especially after having gone through childbirth.
The notorious changes that occur during pregnancy are as significant as in the size of the breasts and the uterus that when expanded will cause the unexpected size of the abdomen.
After going through these unavoidable circumstances to which you can add the most common, excess weight.

After delivery and breastfeeding, you will have the need to return to the previous moment of pregnancy. Well really and, against any prognosis, there will be things that have already happened, such as breastfeeding or the uterus regaining its volume. But these new changes do not necessarily bring the original forms.

The breasts, even after breastfeeding, will have lost their smoothness and their appearance will be more flaccid with a tendency to be sagging, and although the volume of the uterus has recovered, the abdomen will not suffer the same fate whose skin has lost firmness and will be also with a certain drop much more if you keep those extra pounds that you have left.

All these, apparent bad news for a woman in labor, seem to lack a solution. Currently, after motherhood, many women begin a series of investigations to find answers to recover what has been lost.
Special diets, excessive exercises, cosmetic surgeries, and a long, etc. will make any current treatment useful to achieve the goal that women pursue after childbirth.

In general, it seems to serve all to fulfill the dream of returning to be the same and even better, to perfect the image before pregnancy.
All these initiatives have harmful effects, the main drawback is that not all have the patience to see the first results.
All these initiatives are beneficial, healthy eating and exercise, for health.
Although returning to surgeries, with objectivity they are the somewhat faster solution although it depends on an individual and thoughtful decision.
To begin is the mammoplasty, the fallen breasts are raised to recover the original shape, as you can also choose to require an increase in them helping to fill the skin that has been flaccid and give them more volume.

Other surgeries as necessary as those mentioned above, is the one that will help to have a flat stomach, giving it lost firmness and even obtaining characteristics that were not previously available. Remove folds and fat from the abdomen, it will be surgery called abdominoplasty.
You can take into account to complement the tummy tuck with liposuction, in it fat is extracted, make that supplement helps to sculpt and shape the waist and abdomen.

The mommy makeover seems an ideal solution without you having to wait so long with slower treatments, although this carries certain risks as any intervention you will evaluate with the indicated surgeon.