The Consequences Of Alcohol On Our Oral Health


According to a report released in 2018 by the World Health Organization, Mexico is ranked 10th in the place of alcohol consumption; raising the risks in the population of suffering from infectious diseases that can cause the death of people. On the other hand, recent research has determined that this alcoholic beverage is ingested in the approximate age of ten years, so this problem occurs from an early age.

Unfortunately, when we think about the consequences that alcohol intake can bring, we usually relate it to kidney disease, liver or heart difficulties, but we never connect it to any problem in the oral cavity. Alcohol is one of the substances that can most damage oral health because it has direct contact with this area, so for obvious reasons, it is normal for there to be consequences related to the consumption of these drinks that is why it is recommended that the people continuously visit Tijuana Dentist.

Dental erosion

Enamel wear on teeth due to acid can cause various problems, such as sensitivity, gaps, wear or loss of teeth. Recall that the enamel serves as a protective layer for dental parts where considerable wear of this can cause weakness of the teeth. On the other hand, it helps bacteria not penetrate the incisor nucleus, causing tooth decay and infections.

A low percentage of saliva

Alcohol has the characteristic of absorbing the water found in our body, in this case, referring to saliva. The function of this liquid that we see in the oral cavity is to protect tooth enamel, to help in swallowing food and to keep the mouth hydrated. The decrease in saliva can cause the microorganisms to spread more efficiently since they are not retained by something, which will result in the massive appearance of tooth decay and gum infections. Likewise, all the bacteria found in the tongue will cause the person to have bad breath.

Increase in glucose

Alcohol contains high percentages of sugar and remembers that this element is deposited in the teeth and with the help of bacteria found in the oral cavity, can cause erosion in the teeth to give way to decay. The combination of the low percentage of saliva plus the high levels of sugar is not a very good mixture for the health of the teeth.


Mexico is registered as one of the Latin American countries with the highest presence of cancer in the mouth, occupying precisely the third place, and this cancer is the most frequent in the area of the head and neck, so it has a high mortality. Alcohol plays a significant role in this condition because this substance is produced by an element called “acetaldehyde,” which is associated with the production of malignant cells. Scientists determine that a high percentage of this compound can cause oral cancer.

Due to these high percentages in which Mexico concerns alcohol consumption, it is recommended that people lower their intake levels can already significantly harm their health. Reducing the intake of alcohol plus good hygiene in the oral cavity, various diseases that concern this liquid can be stopped, just as you can wear a beautiful smile.