What You Should Know Before Undergoing Dental Implant Surgery


Dental implants are the perfect solution when there are spaces in the mouth caused by lack of teeth or when the teeth are damaged enough and it is better to remove it and put an implant so that it not only looks aesthetically good but also so that the person does not suffer difficulties when chewing. A quality implant will look and feel like natural teeth as it will be embedded from the root of the damaged tooth for later placement of a prosthesis, which will be the artificial tooth.

What is the process for dental implantation?

First of all, there must be a commitment on the part of the patient, since he or she will have to undergo several exams to know his or her teeth and for the dentist to provide the best option for you. The patient must:

  • Keep all your appointments
  • Take good care of your dental hygiene to avoid tartar and plaque.
  • You must take special care in your mouth, do not eat foods that can damage teeth, hard foods that can fracture them.
  •  Frequent check-ups
  • To have a good communication with the dentist and with all the team in charge, in case any doubt arises from the process, feel free to transmit your doubts.

Dental exams are necessary so that the dentist knows the state of his mouth and to know if the person is a candidate for this type of procedure. Tests will be done, your medical history (dental and general) will be evaluated, and imaging tests will be done. The dental team, together with a specialist, will study the structure of your mouth in order to know in which parts it is necessary to perform the implants.

What dental exams will be done?

  • Those in charge of these tests will examine the shape of your bite in order to get to know your jaws and teeth. This gives specialists an idea of how your bite will change after the implants.
  • The size of the jaws will be measured (height and width) and to know the space that exists for the implants.
  • The gums will be examined to find out if there is no periodontal disease because if this is the first case this problem will be treated.

Why is it necessary for the dentist to know the medical history?

The more the surgeon knows about your overall health, the problems with the surgery will be avoided and the more likely the procedure will be successful. It will also allow the dentist to know if dental procedures such as crowns and bridges have been done before. If there is a chronic health problem, more medical tests will be sent to find out if the implants cannot affect health in a certain way. The surgeon will ask you what your final expectations are about the procedure and will discuss what things can affect the denture and the care that should be taken.

Once the medical results have been analyzed, the dentist will tell you which are the best options according to the needs of your denture.  If you are a candidate for implant treatment, the dental team will explain the entire procedure so that there is no doubt. That is why it is advisable to go to a place that can assure you that the implants will be a success. In Mexico you will find the best specialists in dental implants Tijuana.

Having a healthy mouth is important for implants because if there is not enough healthy bone or healthy gums, you may need to have grafts before the implant procedure. A bone graft will help you build a solid foundation so that the implants can be placed without any problems. If implants are not the right choice or you are not a candidate for treatment, it is necessary to talk to your dentist to find out what other procedure you may undergo, but this after you have studied your medical history and the condition of your mouth.