Why Do Red Dots Appear On The Skin?


Many times we can present certain pigmentations or moles in our skin that can alert us about diseases, allergies, or lack of nutrients. One of these pigmentations that occur more in people’s skin is the red dots, better known as petechiae. A simple way to explain these red dots is as follows: the appearance of small dots arises as minor illnesses that are caused in the inner layers of the skin because it creates a rupture of the capillaries.

How can they be identified?

Petechiae are characterized by tiny size, between 1 or 2 mm, and have a reddish color. These small dots can appear anywhere on the body, without any pattern. Over time, they may change color, being brown or a dark color. It is essential to specify that this is not a hematoma as these tend to have a much larger size and change color when pressed. The petechiae do not change their reddish color to make pressure; they still retain this color. On the other hand, hematomas are not necessarily circular, and petechiae are.

Although, for many, it is not a concern to present these red dots, there must be monitoring of them. Sometimes it is not necessary to worry, more if it was for:

  • An insect bite or sting.
  • For a needle stick. Although it is vital that after this has happened, let’s analyze if the needle is not oxidized, if yes, we can advise a doctor to avoid the presence of tetanus.
  • Overexertion. It is common that when making a great effort, these red spots appear, and the capillaries are stretched and broken.
  • Old age. It is common that people who are in an advanced age present petechiae.
  • Sun lesions. Many people have no idea about the damage that sun rays can cause. Still, it is necessary to take precautions because constant contact with sunlight can cause skin cancer. That is why it is recommended that people be cautious when going out. The presence of petechiae can be a side effect of dermal problems.

If the presence of petechiae is not due to any of the above points, then it may be due to a disorder that causes not only red spots but also other symptoms.

  • If, after an allergy or intoxication, these red spots appear, it is necessary to notify the doctor as it may be due to another stronger reaction than the allergy.
  • Respiratory tract infection. If the individual has a disease in the airways and notices the appearance of petechiae, it may be due to more delicate diseases such as measles or scarlet fever.
  • If the individual has vomiting and diarrhea and notices the appearance of these points, it is important to see the doctor because it may be a symptom of an infection in the digestive system or injury to the kidneys, such as uremic syndrome.
  • When petechiae appear in the lower parts of the body, it may be due to a decrease in platelets, causing the blood to clot.

It is crucial to continually monitor moles, spots, and petechiae that originate in the skin, mainly because they allow a better vision about the presence of a disease. Also is important that when we are on vacation in a place we don’t know, we have the precaution that we need. We can go in a Culinary travel México, and in this way we can have our vacation and also learn some recipes that can help us to obtain all the nutrients that we need and avoid this kind of diseases.